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Data Center and ISP

The Law Offices of Nate Kelly’s Data Center and ISP Practice Group assists local and multinational organizations in the IT industry, including colocation sites and hosting facilities. Our IT practice advises clients on a multitude of legal, regulatory, business, financial, operational, technological, and facilities issues which impact businesses in this sector. We take the time to focus on the unique objectives and requirements of our clients and ensure that they have every advantage in every step of the business process. We understand the tremendous complexities and risks (loss of revenues, jobs and reputation) involved in the IT business, and we make sure that our clients' commercial leases, vendor contracts, and client agreements give them every possible legal protection before the the first packets start flowing. 
Aside from the obvious difficulties that can arise from lease and contract disputes, failing to meet the various government codes and regulations can leave your company open to insurance issues, tort liability and other serious consequences. Our IT practice group knows all about the pitfalls, special risks, and demands associated with data center operation and construction. We will be there throughout the process with the advice and services your company needs.