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A contract is defined as a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. Those who enter a contact do not necessarily have to be individuals. In fact, business, corporations, and other groups enter agreements just as individuals do. The purpose of a contract is to create provisions between parties to clearly define their roles, or what they must fulfill. If a contract is violated, it is crucial to be able to refer back to the written language of the agreement so that any dispute arisen can be resolved with ease. A contract dispute can become a long-term litigation if not handled correctly.



Custom Contract/Agreement:


At The Law Offices of Nate Kelly, our team can provide you with top legal services to review any and all documents pertaining to your contract. We have the ability to create a custom contract/agreement that is personalized according to your goals, and make the contract air tight to close any loopholes and ambiguities. Mr. Kelly has worked with dozens of clients, including corporations, and understands the importance of a solid contract between parties. He proactively creates the contract with you while also negotiating on your behalf to the other parties involved.


Contract Dispute/Agreement: 


For clients who have an already existing contract/agreement, our office can provide legal counsel to clarify the language that you are a party to. Many times it can be confusing to understand the jargon of business and legal terminology on an agreement, and therefore we believe that the client should be able to clearly comprehend their role as defined by such an agreement. Moreover, in cases in which a client has been charged with or charging another with violation of a contract, it is necessary to have an attorney who can represent you on behalf of your interests. Mr. Kelly is prepared at all times to assert your legal rights. 




Mr. Kelly and his office have together years of experience in business investments, venture capital, partnerships, and start-ups. Mr. Kelly has worked with numerous corporations and clients who have ventured in the private to create their own companies. He has advised his clients since inception to the day of sales. In every step of the process, Mr. Kelly has provided counsel to ensure the success of his client's businesses.