Contract Drafting

  Starting a business can require entering into many different kinds of contracts that can each contain numerous complex legal provisions. Some examples of common contracts you may require for your startup include:   Founders' agreements Employment agreements Equity agreements … Continue reading

Choosing Form(s) over Substance: The Dangers of Using Online Legal Forms

    Good business owners always look to save money and increase their bottom line. So it is understandable that, when facing the need for a contract or other legal documents, many business owners seek to avoid the financial commitment of retaining an attorney and paying his … Continue reading

Do Not Make These Costly Mistakes When Firing an Employee (Part Two)

    In Part One of this article, we explored two ways that a firing in California could result in a legal claim for wrongful termination: firing in breach of an employment contract and firing based on unlawful discrimination. The … Continue reading

Do Not Make These Costly Mistakes When Firing an Employee (Part One)

    In most cases, California law recognizes “at-will” employment, which means either the employer or employee could end the relationship at any time without a good reason. This means that, technically, you could fire an employee simply because they … Continue reading

Has Google Done It Again?

    64-year-old software engineer Robert Heath is the latest individual to accuse tech giant Google of discrimination based on age. Age discrimination is unlawful under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) as well as California's … Continue reading

Why Keeping Complete and Accurate Business Records is a Necessary Evil

    Storing documents can be a nightmare for most start-up companies. On a daily basis, operating a legitimate start-up involves various kinds of transactions, products, services, and often several different parties. As a result, these kinds of operations necessarily … Continue reading

Start-Up Website Issues

  FOUR WEBSITE ISSUES EVERY START-UP SHOULD KNOW ABOUT It is impossible to find a savvy start-up company without a strong online presence. Most start-ups operate solely online, making a website the cornerstone of their existence. While websites are becoming … Continue reading

ERRORS IN CONTRACT DRAFTING: The “Million Dollar Comma” and “How Vail Bought Park City”

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Naming Your Company: Choosing and Trademarking a Business Name

  When you start a business, you want potential customers and others to be able to easily identify you and your product or services. For this reason, choosing the right business name is extremely important. Many business owners struggle with … Continue reading

Forming a Nonprofit Organization 501(c)3

  If you want to start a company that is community-serving or member-serving and that has a particular “mission” other than lining the pockets of the owners, you may want to consider forming a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 501(c)3 refers to … Continue reading